Our Crew (before)


Lily – she’s amazing...and fearless.

Whether meeting people with a huge smile and hug, or asking me at every turn, “I try?”, Lily is not afraid to take risks and learn.  Of course we want her to be safe, and that’ll be our job as her parents.  Lily has Down Syndrome.  I don’t know what it is about that extra chromosome, but she sure rocks it.  As they say, ships aren’t meant to stay in harbors.  And neither is Lily.  (Plus she recently learned to cut her own hair.  New mullet not pictured.)


Eli – the lone man in a sea of sisters.

Eli is eight, and wears it well.  With a constantly working mind, he is most often found drawing, humming and moving all at the same time.  He loves Mario, Luigi, MineCraft, Doctor Who and sledding.  He is a prolific rendering artist.  He loves to read and dance (with some serious Doctor Who moves), but more than that, he loves to play video games.  His life is about to change.


Sarah Jane – she just turned the magical age of twelve.

If we have to send someone to the top of the mast, it will be her.  She’s a cat with a grin and sass to match.  A mover, creator and entrepreneur, she’s a girl on the rise.  Recent projects include cinematographer (for her sister’s music video), painting the apartment (touch ups were needed) and prepping for her next start-up (www.howtomakemoneyasakid.com).  Watch out, cause here she comes.


Alison – the ninja of our family.

Stealthy, effective, and lethal (in a non-deadly sort of way).  She plays a killer version of “Black Bird”, writes songs like a fifth Beatle and has recently been commissioned to knit an anchor cozy for our boat.  (She knit hats and gloves as Christmas gifts for all the important people in her life…except her family.  But we’re not bitter.  At all.)  You can check out the video for her hit single, ‘Pockets’, and if you want to help send her to college, you can download it here from iTunes.


Karina – she is our rock.

With a smart head, a loving heart and crackling wit, she’s been a tough act to follow (but her siblings are up for it.)  She reads faster than a speeding bullet, creates constantly and eats risk for breakfast.  She currently attends the Jason Bourne School of Driving, writes amazing tunes and sings like she means it.  The video for her break-out single, ‘September’ is here.  But she's the kind of girl to build and sell her first business before college, so she doesn’t need your money.  But if you want her music, it’s oniTunes for a modest price and on SoundCloud for free.


Emily – the incomparable Emily.

First Mate and Mother Extraordinaire. Ferocious defender of hearth and home. She loves her kids and she loves her man (me). Favorite topics include nutrition, health, education and the Big Questions of Life (Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going?) and yoga. Her grandmother’s advice on who to marry: ‘follow the fellow who follows his dream’. I’ve been the lucky beneficiary of that advice. And we’ve been dreaming together ever since.


Erik – aspiring boat captain, musician and rock climber. 

My ideal life includes sailing around the world with my family (not necessary a-round, just ‘around’), playing music as we go, writing stories, scripts and songs, and rock climbing--as geography permits. So I figured we should go ahead and just do that now. In the meantime, I’m keen on making movies, learning to trade options and playing the accordion. (This was never a hit single, but I like it: Minivan Man.  You can also hear some other fun music here for free.  If you like it, we promise we’ll make more : )  www.erikorton.com