The Greatest Gift 2.0

by ERIK ORTON on DECEMBER 14, 2016

Karina the Encourager

Karina the Encourager

I’ve always taught my kids:  encouragement is the greatest gift we can give each other.  In fact I’ve already written about this previously when two of my mentors passed away while we were sailingBut I wanted to share how my daughter Karina took this idea literally and gave me the greatest gift for Christmas one year. I have kept these cards in my desk, and every now and then I pull them out and look through the stack.  I feel more confident and competent every time I do.

I feel like Christmas is a time of encouragement.  It’s like a little reminder from God saying, “no matter what your hopes, dreams, regrets or worries are,” I can help.

Who has encouraged you?  How has it changed you?  Leave a comment and, who knows, maybe you'll encourage someone.  And don't forget to visit : )