Hog Cay - Blournaling #5

Editor's Note: journal excerpt from few days back.

July 25, 2014

Friday.  Hogs Cay.  Sailed over from Diamond Salt Works Harbour, Long Island.  About 45 miles.  Took us 9 hours.  Gorgeous water.  Light green.  Clear to the bottom.  Followed the coast most of the day until we broke over to the Hog Cay Cut.  Depth came up to 3.5 feet under the keel.  Beautiful anchorage here.  Pure sand.  Still no topping lift.  Will deal with that in Georgetown. 

Had lunch underway.  Pasta with Alfredo sauce.  No one got sick at all.  [Not because of the food, the sailing : ) ]  Smooth sailing in the lee of Long Island.  Dinner was ready when we arrived:  curry lentil soup.  Had a 7-Up and two Twix as my ‘treat’.  Jane dove on the anchor.  It was buried in the sand.  We all stayed up on the trampoline chatting until the stars came out in full.  Saw two big falling stars.  So much clarity here.  Went to bed earlyish.  A good day of sailing.  Good weather, following seas, reasonable wind.  Lighter later in the day, but plenty to get us where we were going.

Today is cleaning up the boat and sailing to Georgetown.