Catch All

So I haven’t been writing too much lately, because the fact is, things feel like they’ve been happening so fast.  I fear people have gotten the impression that things are somehow dicey on the good ship Fezywig.  (Thanks for all the offers of care packages!)  The truth is, writers tend to write when things are bad.  It’s an outlet, a way of making sense of things.  So I guess the fact that I haven’t been writing/posting as much is a sign that things are going well.  So well, in fact, that there’s really too much to share.  A shame, isn’t it?

We had a wonderful visit from Ty Mecham.  It truly was a sad day when he left.  We’ve made tons of new friends, both kids and grown ups.  New special friends include everyone aboard Discovery and Day Dreamer.  All truly generous, fun people.  We’ve moved to a new anchorage in Nettle Bay, near some lovely beaches.  The wifi has been stellar.  That is, until it poured rained, and our improperly mounted wifi router filled with water.  (You can’t win them all.)  The fuel pump for our engine arrived.  It is installed.  Next step is to retime the engine.  Nick, our amazing mechanic, is helping us out.  We took a short sail to Île Pinel and had an amazing time there.  The kids have baked short bread.  We’ve played music.  We’ve been to birthday parties, grilled hamburgers, Skyped with family.  We even went for gelato at the nicest gelato house this side of Italy.

The truth is, we’re still ‘learning a lot’, but the learning curve is now a comfortable, steady climb, rather than a 5.13 double overhang (see rock climbing grades).  Plenty of things on our boat need fixing or tweaking, but we’re okay with that.  We recognize Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’re figuring it out.  We’re generally comfortable and surprisingly happy.

So, as a rather lame, catch all post, I just want to put out the word that life is good on Fezywig.  It’s pouring rain outside.  It’s 5:45am.  And I’m quietly writing on my laptop.  All is right with the world.