D-Day (Departure)

Well, despite having our flight cancelled and waiting three extra days to depart, it's been--of course--a mad dash to get ourselves ready.  We watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  We ran errands (Lily dropped my iPhone in the toilet).  And we watched Captain Phillips, All is Lost and any other movie we could think of to scare ourselves out of this (thank goodness for grandma's video on-demand), but to no avail.  We're still going.  We should be sleeping.  We're getting up in three hours to get our flight.  But as usual, Emily and I are sitting in bed tapping and clacking away.

Some good news: we're arranged to have someone named George pick us up from the airport.  I've warned them we're going to be a bit of a circus. We've learned there's a small grocery store just down the road from the marina. And we know when/where church starts on Sunday morning. Maybe we'll make some friends. All in all, we're feeling about as ready as pack of Ortons can be.

As part of the lead up to the Olympics (and to kill some time), we held races of our own.  Plus Eli learned to ride a bike this week, and Lily made solid progress on the tricycle, so we thought some festivities were in order.  Video below.